Supreme Shemale

First off I would like to say that the ruling, by the Supreme Court of the United States, to include “Transgender” as the Third gender, is one that i am proud of. This gave transgenders a glimmer of hope that some type of equality would stem from the courts decision. That future transgenders would not have to resort to begging on the corner or prostitiution. That they would be able to have regular jobs and be accepted socially. Sadly, this is not the case, for the most part social views have stayed the same.Those that are early in there transition face such horrible social stigmatisms. For example, there are several occurences of suicide, rape , or even murder of transgender youth and elders. If a mother or father cant accept that there son or daughter is trans then how can we expect society to accept them. We need to support our fellow transgenders

That all being said I would encourage all of my supporters, admirers and the admirers of all shemale and trans people to come together to raise each other up. This is a call to action for all the transgender supporters out there.

Bathroom Issues

The new issue coming to light is the issue of MTF or Shemales using female bathrooms. In my opinion it is the right of the person who is living there life as a female to fully embrace that lifestyle. They do not want to put there self in harms way by going into a male restroom and have the chance of getting harassed or fondled. I don’t want to and I refuse to go into a male restroom.
Looking at it in a more social way I would have to say that if someone is presenting themselves as a woman, then they should be treated as such in all respects. That being said people are worried that transgender or shemales are going to come in and harm other people in the bathroom more often then not from experience from friends its the total opposite they are more afraid of something happening to them.
My hope is that, with the word being spread about this outrage, the community as a whole will come to realize that it is preposterous to deny such simple truths and liberties as using the gender appropriate bathroom. I also realize that society has opened up a little due to some well know people coming to light about their journeys and there plans. I am proud of those people and everyone who is on there path to true self. Love you all.

View from a Topper

As a Shemale I prefer to be a “Topper”, someone who loves to be on top during sex. Now not all Shemale’s like to be on top there are quite a few who like to be on the bottom. Who ever came up with these terms are geniuses.

As of recently, I have been more inclined to show off my body. That’s because I know there are a bunch of you guys out there thinking about how you would like to take me and make me do naughty things to you and with you. It is you my lovers that will feel the exotic pleasure that is known as Shemale Maria. The view from up here is quite amazing.

There is something to be had from being a top in the sexual experience. Most likely for me it is the pure dominance of the situation. I have you underneath me while you have that wonderment in your eyes as you engage in what can only be described as a pure fantasy.

Shemales around the World

Are Shemales Limited to just certain areas of the world?

I have been getting a lot of mail from people all over the world asking me if there are shemales in there area . This is very common and the answer is yes if not directly in your area then most certainly there are some very near you.

See there are the known areas where tranny or shemales are known to frequently be found like Asia or the Philippines. More recently there have been more and more “popping up” in the U.S. and Canada and Europe.

It is my experience that most of these tranny or “shemales” as some like to be called come from many different geological places. A lot of them fly in to meet with that special someone that wants to have there “first” sexual experience with a shemale, others are coming in to meet with prospective film makers to be filmed or shoot there first film.

I myself would like to say I came out to a photographer who said I was beautiful and that I should let my inner self out. I agreed with him and now look at me. I still keep in contact with that original photographer and have coffee or every once in awhile ill let him take some more pictures of me but now days I make money doing what I do.

I feel that no matter what race you are or if your a pre-op or a post-op, there are shemales everywhere for you if you look. It may take some time to find them but with the resources that I have included in these pages you should be able to find the one your looking for and hopefully get that cherry busted.

To all my fans out there and anyone looking for the next post from me send in your questions and ill try to make a great post out of them and give you some great advice.

The Fantasy – Shemale Sex Story

The Question: How does someone get to the point they want to have sex with a shemale?

Ill break this question into several parts. Ill start with the first part “The Fantasy”.

In this age pornography on the internet has become widespread (like my legs right now). With that being said, it offers up a variety of fantasies to jack-off to. For example; Schoolgirl, MILFS, Asians, Bisexual’s, Lesbians, Gay, and of course Shemale’s. Becoming more and more popular is the fantasy of sex with a shemale or tranny. This is because men are allured by the surprise down-below and they are attracted to the feminine qualities. Men typically ask the question “Does fantasizing about shemale’s make me gay”? I have answered this before but for sake of discussion, it does not.

I have talked with several of my guy friends and it seems to me to be a consensus: Men start fantasizing about shemale’s because they are looking for something different and new to excite them. This can be as innocent as introducing a third member into the bedroom and not wanting to offend either partner, they look for alternatives.

Whenever I am approached and asked about why I am doing this website my answer to them is everyone out there that is interested, admired or had sexual encounters with shemale’s needs advice. I have been touring and helping all kinds of people with there desires and fantasies. I want there to be a place that people that have questions and want me to give advice can get them answered.

Back to the subject in hand, men will usually start the whole process of having sex with a shemale by visiting websites that are pornographic because face it they want to see us in action doing our thing. I am not saying men are pigs, I love men, they are sexy and well they get me horny. Visiting these sites gets them aroused which they are supposed to. And like all things when men get aroused they want to act on there impulses. They are driven by the fantasy of hot sex and the surprise of not knowing.

Preparing For Shemale Sex

I have recently been asked, “What can I do to prepare myself for sex with a shemale.”

There are several ways you can go about preparing yourself.

1. Enema’s are among the most common response to this question.

2. Use lots of Lube(don’t use any of the desensitizing lubes) they tend to do the same to the penis.

3. Start with your fingers (the massage, finger, stretch method). I’ll go into this method further later.


Let’s start with enema’s: They can be messy, uncomfortable, and done wrong. The best way to do an enema is to be standing up, use warm water, only squeeze enough warm water in to feel like your bloated then sit on the toilet and continue like you are using the bathroom. You should do this even the night before or about an hour before anal sex.

Next, we will explore the issue of lube. It is okay to use a lot of lube. I recommend using lube on the outside of your ass and don’t be afraid to insert some in it as well. This will make it slide in easier if its your first time and as a bonus it wont hurt as much. There will be some pain involved, don’t get me wrong, unless you have done this many times before it will. I recommend not using the desensitizing creams or lubes due to the fact that it will do the same to the man. He will have less feeling in his penis when he puts it in your ass. We all wanna feel what we are doing when having sex thats why we have sex, right? So, please, don’t use the desensitizing lubes. It will not feel natural.

Finally, the last way to prepare your self for anal sex with anyone is: Practice.
This includes using your fingers, toys, and even vegetables. Quit a large number of people have told me that using your fingers is how they got started. They would rub there assholes with there fingers and it would give them an overwhelming sensation in a good way. If your going to prepare for anal sex with a shemale, I would recommend alot of practice using this method. Here it goes, get comfortable, lay on your back or whatever works for you. Make sure you have lube, some type of penetration toy like a dildo, your finger, or anything that can simulate a penis, big or small. Slowly caress your asshole with your pinky finger (as it is the smallest one) continue doing this until you can slide it in your ass, continue to do this using your next biggest finger. This will help stretch your asshole out slowly so as not to tear it and the more you do this the easier it will be come the day that you have that awesome experience with the person you are gonna have anal sex with.


Thanks for reading this post I will try to write another one ASAP. I welcome suggestions on topics. Send me a comment about what you want to know about and i will help as best as I can.


Shemale Sex – The Next Great Frontier

I get a lot of questions about how great Shemale Sex is. I would say this, it is awesome. It all depends on the partners involved. I would stay away from the girls that are in for the money or the ones with attitude. They are the ones who I feel would not genuinely be into the act. The shemales that love sex and are more into the moment and show interest first, those are the ones you need to look for.

I get the feeling that more and more men are having this fantasy. Alot of these men are normal men with heterosexual relationships. They even have girlfriends or wives. I wonder sometimes why some women have a hard time with their men looking at shemale porn. If I were the man’s partner i would take that as a chance to spice up the relationship.

The next generation of sexual experiences are going to involve tranny or shemale’s in them. In the porn industry shemale porn is on the rise. The main reason for this rise in popularity is the decline in mainstream porn. Alot of people favor anal porn. I will admit that about 10 years ago when i went to look for tranny porn at shops  there were maybe a handful of titles. Nowadays there are several hundred titles available. If thats not evidence enough. The lean towards anal sex in the industry is quite evident.

Social Media’s Effect on Shemale Dating

Social media’s effect on shemale dating is wonderful. The reason is is because they make it easier for anyone to find that special someone. It has been proven that about 5% of the population uses paid dating sites. Another 5% use free dating sites, so with that said there is about 90% of people out there who dont use the internet to find love . Suprising numbers, yes. By people creating social networking sites and dating sites they are giving more access to the 90% of people who dont use the internet for dating.
Most men and admirers will not be willing to just come up and ask a shemale to date them or have sex with them. They keep it in there head and fantasize. By creating social media websites it gives admirers the chance to talk with other transgender or shemales without the fear of rejection in person. Be it in, front of friends or just the other people around. No one wants to be rejected especially not in public.
So, back to my point, social media’s effect on transgender and shemale dating has been very positive. I believe that todays society is more open and upfront about there thoughts on transgender dating and interactions. People say that the social media may increase the rate of breakup or divorce. But, in my opinion, some of the best relationships have come out of dating sites and social media. That is the purpose of social media sites, to connect and provide people from many places to connect and network together.
In closing i would have to re-iterate the fact that I believe that the effect of Social media on shemale dating has been very positive and I hope more people join the social media move and connect. TY to all my admirers.

What it’s like to be a Shemale

I knew from the day I was born that I was the wrong gender. I had dressed in clothing that was more feminine than masculine. As I got older I began to understand more fully my role in society. I am a woman who has a little extra to offer. I am more concerned with looking like a female and being accepted by my partner.

I feel that people should know what we are feeling. If they did it would make life a lot easier for me to handle. Underneath this air of confidence and poise is fear and sometimes depression. Why you ask? Well, every day that I go out to the clubs and these dance scenes, I have a chance of getting rejected, laughed at, and even abused.

This abuse may come in many different forms:
• Verbal (being called a freak)
• Emotional (being rejected)
• Physical (being pushed around)

What I am getting at is this, “when you meet a TS, think of her feelings too.” People have sensationalized the word “Shemale.” This term came out originally in the porn industry. They used this term to encompass a person with breasts and a dick. Most of the TS “girls” out there aren’t going to want to be called a shemale. They see it as offensive. Yet, I personally don’t mind being called a “shemale.”

This is one of the things that I have embraced about my nature. I understand men’s curiosity towards the word shemale, it has made for some very interesting conversations.

Why Is Sex With A Shemale So Much Better

Sex with a shemale can be very arousing to both participants, if they are aware of the “Little Secret”

I myself typically like to ask the partners that I have had encounters with “Was it better with me than the other partners you’ve been with?” And there responses have all been to the effect of “I have been with men, women, and tv/ts. In my opinion, I love having sex with shemales its better.”

The awesome things about having sex with a shemale are:

  • We are horny as hell (most of the time).
  • Our cocks are for the most part bigger than average (mines huge)

Most of the TV/TS women that you will meet will be the type that are drop dead georgious. On many of forums people have said that if they brought a women home and they started having sex and the “Little Secret” popped out they would most likely get on there knees and start sucking it or worshiping it.

These are the things that make Sex with a shemale so much better. The Main reason is because of the arousal to the forbidden. In this case that would be the “Little Secret” in the girls panties. I love having a guy worship my cock it makes me feel alive and oh so horny.