Bathroom Issues

The new issue coming to light is the issue of MTF or Shemales using female bathrooms. In my opinion it is the right of the person who is living there life as a female to fully embrace that lifestyle. They do not want to put there self in harms way by going into a male restroom and have the chance of getting harassed or fondled. I don’t want to and I refuse to go into a male restroom.
Looking at it in a more social way I would have to say that if someone is presenting themselves as a woman, then they should be treated as such in all respects. That being said people are worried that transgender or shemales are going to come in and harm other people in the bathroom more often then not from experience from friends its the total opposite they are more afraid of something happening to them.
My hope is that, with the word being spread about this outrage, the community as a whole will come to realize that it is preposterous to deny such simple truths and liberties as using the gender appropriate bathroom. I also realize that society has opened up a little due to some well know people coming to light about their journeys and there plans. I am proud of those people and everyone who is on there path to true self. Love you all.