Shemales around the World

Are Shemales Limited to just certain areas of the world?

I have been getting a lot of mail from people all over the world asking me if there are shemales in there area . This is very common and the answer is yes if not directly in your area then most certainly there are some very near you.

See there are the known areas where tranny or shemales are known to frequently be found like Asia or the Philippines. More recently there have been more and more “popping up” in the U.S. and Canada and Europe.

It is my experience that most of these¬†tranny or “shemales” as some like to be called come from many different geological places. A lot of them fly in to meet with that special someone that wants to have there “first” sexual experience with a shemale, others are coming in to meet with prospective film makers to be filmed or shoot there first film.

I myself would like to say I came out to a photographer who said I was beautiful and that I should let my inner self out. I agreed with him and now look at me. I still keep in contact with that original photographer and have coffee or every once in awhile ill let him take some more pictures of me but now days I make money doing what I do.

I feel that no matter what race you are or if your a pre-op or a post-op, there are shemales everywhere for you if you look. It may take some time to find them but with the resources that I have included in these pages you should be able to find the one your looking for and hopefully get that cherry busted.

To all my fans out there and anyone looking for the next post from me send in your questions and ill try to make a great post out of them and give you some great advice.