View from a Topper

As a Shemale I prefer to be a “Topper”, someone who loves to be on top during sex. Now not all Shemale’s like to be on top there are quite a few who like to be on the bottom. Who ever came up with these terms are geniuses.

As of recently, I have been more inclined to show off my body. That’s because I know there are a bunch of you guys out there thinking about how you would like to take me and make me do naughty things to you and with you. It is you my lovers that will feel the exotic pleasure that is known as Shemale Maria. The view from up here is quite amazing.

There is something to be had from being a top in the sexual experience. Most likely for me it is the pure dominance of the situation. I have you underneath me while you have that wonderment in your eyes as you engage in what can only be described as a pure fantasy.