Social Media’s Effect on Shemale Dating

Social media’s effect on shemale dating is wonderful. The reason is is because they make it easier for anyone to find that special someone. It has been proven that about 5% of the population uses paid dating sites. Another 5% use free dating sites, so with that said there is about 90% of people out there who dont use the internet to find love . Suprising numbers, yes. By people creating social networking sites and dating sites they are giving more access to the 90% of people who dont use the internet for dating.
Most men and admirers will not be willing to just come up and ask a shemale to date them or have sex with them. They keep it in there head and fantasize. By creating social media websites it gives admirers the chance to talk with other transgender or shemales without the fear of rejection in person. Be it in, front of friends or just the other people around. No one wants to be rejected especially not in public.
So, back to my point, social media’s effect on transgender and shemale dating has been very positive. I believe that todays society is more open and upfront about there thoughts on transgender dating and interactions. People say that the social media may increase the rate of breakup or divorce. But, in my opinion, some of the best relationships have come out of dating sites and social media. That is the purpose of social media sites, to connect and provide people from many places to connect and network together.
In closing i would have to re-iterate the fact that I believe that the effect of Social media on shemale dating has been very positive and I hope more people join the social media move and connect. TY to all my admirers.