Does Liking Shemales Make Me Gay?

I will say that the biggest question out there is this; “If I like shemales does that make me gay?”

And the answer is this “NO” Let me explain, those men that have this attraction to shemales aren’t gay the see the beauty of a woman’s body. Almost all of the t-girls that I know want to be noticed for there feminine traits such as there breasts, butt, and even the facial features.

I feel as a shemale myself that any man who wants to fantasize about me is straight. Very often those men who are doing the questioning about there sexuality when it comes to shemales need only to realize that they are attracted to the very femininity that we t-girls give off.

My current boyfriend had the same questions you guys are asking.

I told him that the attraction he felt towards me was more of an erotic attraction. Todays society emphasizes the body and feminine features of shemales. So naturally, men are attracted to the female persuasion.

We as a society make snap judgments when it comes to shemales or transvestites.  That is why most men keep there most primal desires buried deep in there computers. Because the society in which they live calls them gay if they show any interest in shemales. As I have explained this is simply not true.