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  1. jamal says:

    U rite the fantasy is there but iv always thought wat if it was reality would I feel gulity later would I feel good about it would I feel addicted 2 it I don’t kno wat 2 excpect wat is your experiences with guys that tryed it 4 the first time did they enjoy it did u make them comfortable ?

    • Admin says:

      Most of the guys that i was there first i made them very comfortable and eased into the actions. I have always believed that if the guy wants to try things with me then i feel honored. Most of the men ive been “the first” with have been very satisfied and have left the experience feeling very good and pleased and they will never forget it either so enjoy and explore your more creative side i know most tgirls will enjoy.

  2. jamal says:

    U rite yea because its supposed 2 be another way of satisfaction takes u 2 a whole new level of satisfaction as my friend told me now he says he addicted and doesn’t even wana try anything else is that also true that its a whole new world of satisfaction

  3. TINA GARY says:

    Hi do you know how i can get hormone pills that can start me with feminizing
    i am desperate please or a very good suplement willing to pay $$

    thank you very much

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