About Shemale Maria

Shemale sex advisor MariaName: Maria
Age: 30 years
Personal: Single shemale with breast implants!
Height: 5′ 10″
Weight: 152
Location: Los Angeles, CA
Occupation: Classified Info 
Hobbies: Clubbing, reading, cycling, Internet
Likes: Intellectual chat and debates
Dislikes: Ignorance, rude people

Hello shemale admirers, I’m Maria. It’s nice to have you here. Aside from SEX, one of my favorite pastimes is to read a brand new book that I’ve been longing to read. I also like sports including cycling, working out and swimming. Sometimes I play tennis with my girlfriends. I may be femme but I can play a mean game of tennis!

I love a challenge. That’s why I push the envelope as a shemale. I have breast implants that are very sensitive to touch. I adore a man’s mouth and tongue on my breasts. I have a breast fetish, even though they are my own breasts. I’ll probably remain non-op as I’m a very sexual being. I quite enjoy being either a top or a bottom with an admiring gentleman. I’m comfortable with all aspects of me and I accept who I am. It’s why you’re here reading my site!

I’m fortunate to have a family who has known about me for years and they are all cool with me and my shemale persona. How great is that! I don’t know if I’ll ever settle down. For now I take it one day at a time and enjoy everyone in my life. I date now and then but there is no special one and only right now. Not that I’d turn down the opportunity if it arose.  I can be happy with my own company but I sure do treasure the touch of a lover and a warm snuggle bunny at night.  Ahh, romance!!

Each morning I learn a new word for the day. They are usually rather obscure words but some day this knowledge might come in handy. Sometimes I find myself in a philosophical mood questioning the whys and ifs of life, and especially of my life. I spend plenty of time for daydreaming and contemplating things. I find that most people think in a very shallow manner. I like to think deeply and ponder consequences of various actions.

Did I mention that I have a slightly kinky side?  ; )

11 Responses to About Shemale Maria

  1. Wolfgang says:

    hi Maria,

    Do you have any tips on sexual positions? I have an important date, and I’m not sure if what i’ve learned in sex with women can be transferred to sex with a t-girl

  2. raymond ruiz says:

    i came across ur site and first of all i think ur gorgeous
    and i been having trouble meeting girls like you idk why ive tried sites but nothing
    so idk wat else to do i read ur advise its good but idk how or were can i go to meet them

    • Admin says:

      I thank you for visiting my site babe. I appreciate your comment. I have several sites listed in my links page that would be good for you if your interested.

  3. Billy says:

    Hey maria I’ve always wanted to date a tgirl but kinda shy about it

  4. One piece of advice… If you’re with a trans woman DO NOT call her a “shemale”. I’m trans and that is an automatic disqualification with me… Same goes for “tranny”..

    • Maria says:

      This is true I have made that comment in one of my previous blogs. Thank you for leaving a comment on my page and hope that you can keep up the communication

  5. Chris22 says:

    Hi I have read your site I just wanted to say how beautiful you are. Also thanks for clearing up the gay issue of attraction towards shemales, x

  6. pier giordi says:

    ciao mi chiamo pier tu sei stupenda

  7. queenbeauti says:

    I am a male . But my look was girlish . My
    breasts are bulgy. I want them to be perfectly
    shaped as female breasts. my lips are thin .I have
    mixed feeling about my body being straight ,
    strong desire to be submissive/petticoated hubby
    ( without compromising loyalty from either side :
    from me and my would-be-wife) ,practising cross
    dressing , first be father of some kids then
    become T-woman for a nice hubby , marrying a
    nice T-girl. I don’t fantasize . But I am living in a
    confused state of mind.
    I want to pursue my journey as I want to marry a
    reliant , independent she male with or without
    SRS. and allow me to relocate at her place. she
    should be virgin , passive , caring and loving like
    a babe, beautiful with natural long hair and girly
    attitude , style , voice and manner. She should be
    bold and assertive. free from alcohol etc.
    write me queenbeauti@gmail.com
    plz help.

  8. Jeff says:

    Maria, I like your profile! You sound and appear to be quite a lady. I’m considerably your senior and have never dated a shemale but if your the lady you appear to be; I think flowers,a quite dinner at an appropriate restaurant near the beach followed by a barefoot walk in the sand at sunset, a cocktail over lite conversation and home again; unmolested. Have a great day, Jeff

  9. Jeff says:

    I never considered the response dates to the above postings. I guess Maria’s add is just bait. My above posting was meant to treat her like a lady but instead has proven my to be a fool.

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