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“It is a complete turn-on for me that men admit that they want to have sex with me.”

I’ve become known as a shemale sex advisor because so many gentlemen have asked my advice about meeting and dating shemales.

Are you looking to meet that special shemale? Well you’ll have to get out there and be social. I could be going to that t-girl night club you were thinking of going to, I could be shopping for new outfits to wear at the local dress store. The point is that you never know when you’ll meet a lovely shemale.

Some of the best places to meet local shemales is online. You can talk with girls like me and ask any questions you might have. I like helping those guys who need the advice. I usually find them to be very appreciative.

It is very hard to approach a shemale in public. Even in nightclubs it’s hard to introduce yourself to a shemale because of other men who are usually around her — all with the same idea as you. I understand that gentlemen.  Shemales are desirable and often considered taboo, yet many men will look for shemales online, where it is safe. So with that being said I am here for the advice on how to meet and date shemales, and to offer links to many of the best shemale sites.

There are several different ways to get the latest information on how to meet Shemales. I don’t mean to toot my own flute but I am here for all you gentlemen. When it comes to most t-girls they prefer to be called as such, they don’t like the term “Shemale.”Just saying you may get turned down if you call every t-girl shemales.

Take some time to learn the terminology. This is where Amber Lynn’s T-Girl Dating Guide will come in handy. Look over on the right sidebar and download the dating guide now. It is absolutely free and well worth the time it takes to read it. Once you’ve read the dating guide you’ll be better prepared than 90% of all the men out there who are also wanting to meet shemales. There are some of us that own that term very well and we think it’s fabulous that men call us Shemales.

It is a complete turn-on for me that men admit that they want to have sex with me. Being with a shemale is a fantasy that most men keep inside. Some of the men who have this type of fantasy will actually act on the urge and for those that do I congratulate them. They have taken the next step. I am here for those men that are in the fantasy stage as well as those wanting to date a shemale right now.

With that said, I welcome you to my website and hope that I can help you gentlemen find that special shemale you are looking for. I offer all kinds of things and I’m constantly adding new information to the site. Just take a look around and have fun. I’m glad to have you  here.  : )

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25 Responses to Home

  1. earl gattis says:

    i would like to meet tgirl from tyler tx to ex with i am virgin in that dep

    • Admin says:

      Hi Earl. You sound like a real sweet guy. You’ll find a lot of shemales near Tyler, Texas. Let me know if you have any questions about your shemale first time. I’d love to hear how things go when you meet a local shemale for your first experience. I expect you’ll always remember when you get your shemale cherry popped! Here is a landing page for Tyler, TX shemales

  2. jamal says:

    Hi iv been asked on a date by a shemale who wants 2 make love am really tempted and want 2 make love 2 aswel 2 see wat its like I’ll probs be hooked anyway lol wat is your experience in this situation and does this make me gay 4 makin love 2 her

  3. victor says:

    Hey i need advice and also need tgirls to talk too so reply please am a straight guy who really wants to try ..top and bottom..

  4. George says:

    I’ve been masterbating to shemale sex for years now I figured its about time I get my cherry popped and give in to what I’ve been fantasizing about! Can you please find me a beautiful, clean, std free shemale with a great body in Maryland? I think I’m about ready to loose my virginity!

    • Maria says:

      I am interested to hear that it will be your first time, thats hot. Here is a landing page for you in maryland since you didnt give me a city i made it general Baltimore, Maryland shemales. I hope this helps you on your journey to find that special someone.

  5. Billy says:

    Hey maria,
    My gf and I love t-girls. She isn’t one but she use to use her toys on me until I suggested we find a t-girl instead and we haven’t regretted that ever. We are currently trying to find more around the burlington, nj area

  6. tony says:

    Hey I am 20 year old male in Miami looking for a M2F in my location that wants to show me the ropes any tips?

  7. chloe delores says:

    ive been nearly a month on hormones(prescribed by doctor),how long will it it take before i notice any changes and when will i start budding ,so to speak.
    llove T Girl Chloe Delores xxxx

    • Maria says:

      First, I would like to say thank you for the comment. Now, as for the amount of time it will take for you to notice any changes, i.e. budding. While it varies with each person, as well as the type of hormone therapy your doctor uses. You can usually see results in 3 to 6 months, this is how long it takes for your hormones to properly balance in your body.

  8. Kll says:

    Hi Im trying to look for tgirls in the Boston North shore area I keep looking on craigslist but there mostly cross dressers Im not into that I want a full tgirl and one that has a penis I love them so much and I want to have anal sex

  9. shaun says:

    i am looking for a sexy tran i can have fun with and injoy each other i am 34 and i love trans i liv in san leandro CA 94577

  10. lover says:

    Iam happy u have a website for guys like me, iam 20yr and want a passionate love with a beautiful trans like urself, I was hoppin that maybe we could go out some time and maybe start something good, please get back 2 me =)

    • lover says:

      Ps maria it would make me feel amazing if you would be my firstt, its all I think about and I cnt wait 2 finally loose my virginity

  11. Chloe Jane Delores says:

    even though my body is taking shape.fat distribution in all areas.but my breasts are slowly growing.i started HRT in April 2012 at the age of 51.i would love to see more breast growth.i’m curretly on 100mg and 2 mg of estradiol a day. my doctor will not up the dosage at present even thiugh id like him too..any suggestions would help.xxx

    • Maria says:

      Cuurently your doctor is correct in his prescription. The breast growth has always been slow for some people. The body has a lot to do with the growth rate and conversion. Everyone is different and I know that the end result is always the crowning moment. All is well and hope that your transition goes well.

  12. John says:

    I really need some advice. I met the absolute dream at-Girl (pre-op)and have totally fallen in love with her. I buy her flowers, exspensive bags, etc etc. we have decided to move in together in a new apartment and I am happier than I’ve ever been emotionally and more excited sexually that I have ever been before.
    My issue.
    I feel like a jerk for saying this after readying all the dis likes T-Girls have about men on the internet tonight. The one artical called us all losers and “bottom” fags and creeps. Some of what I read however , described me to a tee. I’m not a “bottom” like she thinks all guys attracted to TGirls are, I don’t need to be drunk and high when making love, and I’m not obsessed with her dick…but the other points she made about not comfortable coming out, waffling over their sexuality and confused describes me, and it really worry a me. I have changed plans with her several times because of my consfusion at first, but am gradually becoming acceptant of my sexuality. I don’t know what more I can do because I work for an “old boys club” type company…coming out is NOT an option for me at all. Truth be told, yes…I’m scared what my friends, whom I’ve known since age 14 will think, as well as my family. I’ve represented an image of a tough tattooed guy my entire life and she is so relaxed about who she is because she grew up at a very different time & place. I envy that so much. She have known since our first date that she needed to be 100% passable for the sake of my employment.
    God really played such a cruel joke on this girl making her with a dick cause she is a woman all the way.

    I have not come out yet, nor have I been with a guy, or a TGirl. I am 45…(I know, I know …sad….u don’t have to remind me) but after meeting this girl, who is the strongest person I’ve ever met and she knew who she was at 14 (but had the total support of her family) and has been living as a woman since, I am so in love with this girl it hurts my heart when I’m not with her.
    — we have only been dating a month1/2 now and I have NEVER been so attracted sexually to anyone in my life. Any time we talk or even text, I get hard. I never had that with a woman. The one person in my life, besides my T-girl GF, I’ve told of my desires has said to go with it, be happy, and don’t put a label cause if it feels right it feels right.

    I am praying it is not just a sexual thing that goes away ? What if it’s just a fixation and once I have been with her a while my lust subsides ? what if I don’t stay attracted to her ? What about the age difference ? What I am feeling now, and that is : when I am inside her, I am so infatuated buy her “wanting” to be f***** like a woman, I don’t want that feeling to ever go away.!!..is what I’m feeling obsessive and compulsive ? Or is it normal ? I love it so much that she wants to be treated as a woman but even more that she wants to be made love to like one. I don’t want these feelings to ever go away, unless it’s not the way I should be feeling. I don’t ever want to hurt this beatiful woman.

    So advice from a TGirl would be most appr.
    Thank you.

    • Maria says:

      What your feeling is quite normal. It may take her courage and unbound faith in you and the love that she has to show you the right way to see things. As for the whole feeling like this may be a phase or an infatuation most men secretly want a relationship with a t-girl. If you treat her like a woman and she feels that your doing everything right. She needs to feel like she is being fulfilled.

  13. queenbeauti says:

    I am a male . But my look was girlish . My breasts are bulgy. I want them to be perfectly shaped as female breasts. my lips are thin .I have mixed feeling about my body being straight , strong desire to be submissive/petticoated hubby ( without compromising loyalty from either side : from me and my would-be-wife) ,practising cross dressing , first be father of some kids then become T-woman for a nice hubby , marrying a nice T-girl. I don’t fantasize . But I am living in a confused state of mind.
    I want to pursue my journey as I want to marry a self-
    reliant , independent she male with or without
    SRS. and allow me to relocate at her place. she
    should be virgin , passive , caring and loving like
    a babe, beautiful with natural long hair and girly
    attitude , style , voice and manner. She should be
    bold and assertive. free from alcohol etc.
    write me queenbeauti@gmail.com
    plz help.

  14. James says:

    I would like to try and have fun with a shemale

  15. hello and nice to meet you and I haven’t been with anyone in a bit and the only thing that turns me on is wearing panties and watching sissy training open and shemale ptrn I dress up and playing with my vibrator in my panties. and tasting my precum and I want to be with my first one and I l i be 92nd as t San Francisco can you help

  16. Eric says:

    I am white, 34 years old and married to a woman. I have a strong desire to be submissive to a shemale. I am located in Brooklyn NY. I was wondering if there is any shemales out there who wants to be a friend with benefit. I am really nice, sane and healthy. I hope to hear from you soon.

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